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Our solutions bring agileness to life sciences organisations for a seamlessly digital transformation

Digital Engagement

To meet HCPs all along their cross-channel journey, while passing undefined boundaries.

Disease Awareness Campaigns

Patients are eagers to receive reliable information that allows them to tackle their difficulties.

Digital Launch Readiness

We help you to plan and deploy digital launches that enable product access and listings.

Data & Business Intelligence

With an increasing amount of data, it is fundamental to bring intelligence into decisions.

The number of new patients who adopted a digital channel today



Is this the time?

For life sciences organisations to embrace digital transformation that brings patients and health care professionals, a new and robust personalised and omnichannel medicine. 

Yes, this is the time for a new Life Science Agile Organisation.

Digital transformation made agile for life sciences

We understand how hard is to endeavour on new projects, especially in areas where the capabilities have not been built yet.

At Havila we have managed the way to research, plan and implement robust digital strategies and tactics using our Total Marketing Blueprint, that efficiently integrates drivers, methods and tactics with the overall marketing execution for an agile delivery.

All of that having patients, HCPs and compliance at the core of execution.

Our experts

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, medical, clinical and digital strategy, our experts are ready to help you today.


Reynaldo Márquez

Expert in life sciences marketing and digital strategy brings structure and guides on how to master digital transformation.


Javier Casellas

Paediatrician and specialist in infectious diseases with more than 15 years of expertise in global clinical and medical affairs.

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There is no better time than now to become an Agile Organisation and planning for digital transformation. 

Contact us and have a fair conversation about what the future brings in marketing and medical innovation.

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